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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. February Learn how and when to remove this template message. Retrieved 24 September June Retrieved 23 November Encyclopedia of Popular Music 5th ed. Omnibus Press. Think again: Tricky provides just enough wicked topspin to give his pop a loopy bounce. The Guardian. Retrieved 12 February Chicago, Illinois: Pitchfork Media. It should remind long-disillusioned fans what they liked about tricky in the first place Rolling Stone.

Archived from the original on 26 February Los Angeles, California: SpinMedia: — Retrieved 5 April The Village Voice. New York. Skirting the edges of the parking lot, a group of men stood with homemade cardboard signs outbidding the police. At a Fort Worth Police gun buyback this summer, gun rights advocates were there making counteroffers.

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Photo by Alain Stephens. The deals took place in less than a minute. There was another problem with their plan.

The Purpose of Blowback : Plastics Technology

While the Fort Worth Police Department was making a show of getting guns off the streets, it also was quietly supplying the public with guns. Over the previous 10 years, the department has sold more than 1, of its used weapons to licensed gun dealers, which turn around and sell them to the public, according to department records. The guns are attractive to buyers.

And they include caches of military-grade weapons.

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Fort Worth police offloaded fully automatic German-made MP5 submachine guns. The public used to know when and how police guns turned up in crimes.

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However, those details now are shrouded in government secrecy, thanks to a law passed by Congress that prohibits the release of trace information. In , his department traded in over weapons to upgrade its arsenal. Stevens said he would change his mind if he learned definitively that one of his guns had been used in a crime.

Donna: You've never taken a sick day in your life, and Mike just got arrested, so I want to know what the hell is going on. Harvey: I can't be in the office right now.

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Donna: Why not? Harvey: Because I resigned. Robert: [to Jessica] When Rachel first told me she didn't want to work for me, we fought all night. I didn't think any other firm was good enough. And then she told me she was gonna work for you, and that changed everything. A brilliant black woman, mentor for my baby girl, someone who could teach her what the world does to people like us — how to get down in the mud and still manage to keep her dignity.

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And look at what you taught her instead. Jessica: Are you saying you were after my job? Louis: Of course I wasn't. But who the hell am I kidding, you know?

Blowback (intelligence)

I mean, I'm not Frodo. Once I got that ring of power , we all know it would've consumed me. Jessica: That's what I like about you, Louis. You may not be self-aware, but if someone holds up a mirror, you are not afraid to look. Louis: Thank you, Jessica.

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And the truth is, Harvey needs Donna more than I do. Jessica: Well, it was a selfless and noble act. And as far as I'm concerned, you may not be Frodo, but you are Samwise Gamgee. Louis: Get the f— You read " Lord of the Rings "? Jessica: Four times.