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  1. The Ethics and Rhetoric of Invasion Ecology
  2. invasion ecology | Jane Catford's Research
  3. Non-natives: plusses of invasion ecology
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The Ethics and Rhetoric of Invasion Ecology provides an introduction to the controversial treatment and ongoing violence routinely utilized against non-native species. Drawing from the tradition of critical animal scholars, Stanescu and Cummings have assembled a group of advocates who argue for a different kind of relationship with foreign species.

The Ethics and Rhetoric of Invasion Ecology

Where contemporary approaches often emphasize the need to eradicate ecological invaders in order to preserve delicate habitats, the essays in this volume aim to reformulate the debate by arguing for an alternative approach that advances the possibility of an ethics of co-habitation. Lexington Books. Series: Ecocritical Theory and Practice. James K.

invasion ecology | Jane Catford's Research

Stanescu is professorial lecturer of philosophy at American University Kevin Cummings is professor and chair of the Department of Communication Studies at Mercer University. Stanescu 1.

  1. Invasion ecology focus at symposium | Centre for Ecology & Hydrology.
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  4. 2. Establishment of invasive species under novel environmental conditions?
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Stanescu 3. Guests, Pests, or Terrorists? Julie Lockwood is a Professor at Rutgers University.

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Her research interests include conservation biology, population biology and biological invasions. Martha F.

Biological invasions. Unavoidable and useful? - Sergej Olenin - TEDxKlaipÄ—da

She has worked primarily with plants and insects on questions of spatial community dynamics and invasions. Michael P. Mary's College of California. He is an aquatic ecologist who primarily studies community and landscape aspects of freshwater invaders in the western U.

Non-natives: plusses of invasion ecology

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  5. Invasion Ecology, 2nd Edition.

As the 1st edition, this 2nd edition will be valuable for students, researchers, managers, and anybody else interested in bio- logical invasions. It reads very well and is technically well done; I spotted only few typos. The companion website www. Undetected location.

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NO YES. Invasion Ecology, 2nd Edition.

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