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As the director of the movie explains, cooks are givers, and rats are takers. Yet as Uncle Walt and legions of inimitable artists have always known, people readily bond with cartoons and cuddly caricatures. This may explain why otherwise hard-headed devotees are all too willing to whisper their woes into the inert ear of the silver rat at the Siddhivinayak Temple.

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Your Reason has been Reported to the admin. To see your saved stories, click on link hightlighted in bold. Although many people informally refer to this as the lava pool, it's not really lava and won't burn you, but you can drown in it like water. There are two "lava" ducts you may take from the bottom of the pool which lead to similar rooms.

The west duct is a false exit and that room just has a pit trap back into the maze. The east duct leads to the true exit, which puts you back in the Chest Room. Then it's content will be included below, and if not it won't.

Please use that fact to make corrections to the list below. This is a wiki for a reason. Anyone can contribute. If you see something that is inaccurate or can be improved, don't ask that it be fixed--just improve it. Jump to: navigation , search. Velious Era added March. Buckler of Doom Buckler of Doom. Cloak of Confusion Cloak of Confusion.

Green Wristguard Green Wristguard. Mask of Melodies Mask of Melodies.

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Mushroom Bracelet Mushroom Bracelet. Onyx Wristbands Onyx Wristbands. Shimmering Wristguard Shimmering Wristguard. Silver Wristguards Silver Wristguards. Globe of Darkness Globe of Darkness. Note: many hallways on these maps overlap. Dining Room and surrounding West Wing. The Hedge Maze isn't very amazing. The Puppets Theater, backstage and overlaid balconies and hallways. Avoid the pit traps on the board marked in red. Each progressive instance of four rooms is larger than the last. Frostmaidens Idol Frostmaidens Idol. Gnome Meat Gnome Meat.

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Black Squire Black Squire. Fire Opal Fire Opal. Fire Emerald Fire Emerald. Ruby Ruby. Black Knight Black Knight. Blue Knight Blue Knight. Red Knight Red Knight.

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White Knight White Knight. Red Squire Red Squire. Blue Squire Blue Squire. White Squire White Squire. White Crown White Crown.

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Red Throne Red Throne. Blue Crown Blue Crown.

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Blam Stick Blam Stick. Black Crown Black Crown. Black Throne Black Throne. Blue Throne A Blue Throne. Red Crown Red Crown. White Throne A White Throne. Book of Mischief Book of Mischief. Funny Money Funny Money. Jester PoM Jester. Library Card Library Card. Lithiniaths Horn Lithiniaths Horn. Words of Wealth Words of Wealth.

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Navigation Main page. Main Hallway 4. Temple of Veeshan zone-in , Cobalt Scar zone-out. The following numbers represent the landing locations for most of POM's pit traps. Deck of Spontaneous Generation Quest. Plane of Mischief Armor Quest. Plane of Mischief Faction Quest. Stomples , Vinny V. Tank and spank.

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Almost totally Magic resistant. Technically does When hailed, he says "Greetings! It is good to see another face within the Wanders to the drop in point of the maze in POM. According to Magelo is level Was totally green at When hailed s Conned indifferent. In the maze where you get deck of spontaneous generation around the corner from Ferjeneror. Follows Rissa around the forest area, to Rissa's apparent alarm.